Varieties of Sod We Offer
Sod Atlanta Has You Covered

Sod Atlanta grows a variety of sods right here in Georgia — all according to the strictest growing guidelines in the turf industry. This means that you can count on a great selection and high quality.

The net result of our focus on genetic purity is the finest selection of turf in Atlanta. Our clients understand that, in accordance with these guidelines, we will not sell a blue-tag product that is not genetically pure and true-to-type. This gives the consumers of our products the peace of mind that they are getting what they buy.

Sod Choices from Sod Atlanta

Zeon Zoysia

Absolutely the most beautiful turfgrass available!

Zeon Zoysia is a fine-bladed, dark green zoysia grass that is drought tolerant and can handle full sun, while also offering excellent shade tolerance. Zeon is a luxury turfgrass, superior to Emerald Zoysia in many respects. First is its rich, beautiful look and lush dense turf. But it also outdoes Emerald Zoysia with regard to cold hardiness, insect and disease resistance, and thatch build-up. Plus, it can be mowed with a rotary mower, making it lower maintenance and an excellent choice for lawns and golf course fairways and tees.

  • The Wow Factor: The most beautiful turf in Atlanta
  • Low thatch build up
  • Lower maintenance – Mow with a rotary mower

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TifGrand™ NEW!

TifGrand™ is the world's first seed- and pollen-sterile (triploid hybrid) Bermuda grass scientifically developed to thrive in 60-70% continuous shade.

It has a naturally dark green color, superior quality in full sun and thrives in shade. If you have Bermuda grass, you'll need at least a pallet or two of TifGrand for those shady spots in your yard. This certified turfgrass has lower fertilizer and water requirements.

  • Thrives in 60-70% continuous shade
  • Superior quality in full sun
  • Attractive, dense turf

Limited Quantity Now Available from Sod Atlanta!

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Rebel Supreme Fescue

Rebel Supreme Fescue is a blend of the highest performing Rebel fescues on the market.

The blend yields a dark green, medium-to-coarse bladed cool season turfgrass. It retains color well during spring and fall and is often used in shaded commercial and residential areas.

  • Premium sod for sun and shade
  • Increased drought resistance
  • Increased brown patch resistance

This is an excellent turf to use in Atlanta.

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T10 Bermuda

T10 Bermuda is a certified Bermuda grass with a unique blue-green color, superior cold tolerance and slower vertical growth.

This medium-to-coarse bladed turfgrass requires full sun. Its slower vertical growth rate means reduced mowing requirements, making it an excellent choice for sports fields and golf course roughs and right of way areas, as well as commercial and residential lawns. T10 is available only as a blue-tag certified turf, thus assuring the rigorous certification standards of the Georgia Crop Improvement Association.

  • A very low maintenance Bermuda grass
  • Up to 50% less mowing
  • Excellent drought tolerance

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TifSport Bermuda

TifSport Bermuda is a certified Bermuda grass from Sod Atlanta with superior cold tolerance, sod strength and disease resistance.

It is a fine-bladed, medium-to-dark green hybrid that forms a dense turf, tolerates heavy use, has superior cold hardiness and offers resistance to mole crickets. TifSport requires full sun and is considered high maintenance, but with low nutrition requirements and tolerance for close mowing heights. This excellent Bermuda grass is the new favorite for sports fields, golf courses, and landscapes. TifSport is available only as a blue-tag certified turf, thus assuring the rigorous certification standards of the Georgia Crop Improvement Association.

  • Superior turf density
  • Closer mowing
  • Extensive root system

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Tifway 419

Tifway 419 is a proven Bermuda grass released in the 1960’s.

This is a fine-bladed, medium to dark green turfgrass that forms a dense turf and tolerates heavy use. Tifway grows quickly, requires full sun and is high maintenance because of its required mowing frequency. It is a popular choice for lawns and sports fields.

  • Industry standard
  • Reliable
  • Extensive root system

Meyer Zoysia

Sod Atlanta offers this time-proven, tough, shade-tolerant zoysia grass.

Meyer is a medium-bladed, medium dark green zoysia grass with excellent cold tolerance. This turfgrass forms a dense, low-to-medium maintenance turf with fast spring green-up and is excellent for lawns and commercial areas with medium shade.

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