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Turf in Atlanta Just Makes Sense

Sod in Atlanta vs. grass seed. Here’s why sod wins:

  • You can install sod during any season. Depending on the grass type, sod can be put down winter, summer, fall or spring with or without sunshine. Grass seeds, however, must be planted at a specific season and temperature to germinate effectively.
  • Sod makes an immediate, finished landscape. It establishes itself as a strong carpet of green lawn in just a couple of weeks. Installing it is quick and easy, and a bare patch of land can be transformed into a beautiful lawn in just hours. Seeds take much longer to become established, even under the right conditions.
  • Sod eliminates weeds, as it is installed weed-free. Grass seeds must compete with weeds to establish their root systems, with weeds typically winning the battle for soil, nutrients and water.
  • Sod requires relatively little care. Grown by experts from high-quality seed and certified hybrid sprigs, sod maintains its great appearance with just proper watering and mowing.
  • Sod requires less watering. Keep the sod moist, and it will take root. By comparison, grass seed requires much more controlled watering to ensure germination and growth.
  • Turf in Atlanta needs to be tough. Sod can handle traffic across its surface. With grass seeds, the seeded area needs to be free of any foot traffic for several weeks.
  • Sod can be planted in high erosion areas, unlike grass seeds. This means that sod can be used for erosion control.
  • Sod eliminates bare patches in lawns. As sod is laid on the ground, each sheet is laid perfectly beside the next sheet, so the sod sheets knit together, providing a uniform cover. With grass seeds, you don’t know how evenly the grass is distributed until the growing season begins.
  • Sod creates a uniform and dense surface for your landscape right from the beginning. Seeded lawns may have to be re-seeded for the next one or two seasons.

At Sod Atlanta, we offer a variety of sods, including Bermuda, zoysia, centipede and fescue. Each has different characteristics so you can choose the best sod for your home and your personal preferences.
For a quick snapshot of our sods and their attributes, visit our Compare Sods page. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

Take out or delivery?

Delivery can be a real challenge for the small quantities sometimes needed for home turf in Atlanta. We simplify the process for orders as small as one pallet, or you can take advantage of big savings by picking up your sod at our farm.

Ask our sales associates about your options for receiving your farm-fresh sod.

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